Vittle Vault

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Gamma Vittles Vault - Airtight Dog Food Storage Containers and Leakproof Dog Food Storage Bins
Holds approximately 50 lbs. of dry pet food.
Gamma Vittles Vault is the first complete storage system for dry pet foods. With a simple spin of the lid, these attractive Vittles Vault dog food storage containers lock in the freshness and flavor of your pet's food, while also locking out unwanted pests. Made of food-grade high-impact plastic, these airtight dog food storage bins make for a simple and convenient way to store your pet's food, treats, litter or other perishable pet supplies. As many pet parents know, increased exposure to air and moisture results in stale or spoiled pet food. By decreasing the amount of air your pet's food is exposed to during storage, you can help to keep your precious pet's food fresh, tasty and crunchy. Featuring molded handles, these Gamma Vittles pet food storage containers can be easily lifted, carried and stored in a variety of places in your home. These food storage bins also boast granite coloring, which adds a clean look to any kitchen, pantry, patio or other pet food storage area inside or outside of your home.
Leak-proof/airtight lid
Easy to open and close
Keeps pests out
Free measuring scoop included